In the Sverdlovsk city, cold water will be turned off in 10 houses

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In Revda (Sverdlovsk region) from 9 am on March 27, cold water will be turned off in 10 houses. This was reported in the press service of the Office of Civil Protection (CPP) Revda.

“In connection with the repair work on March 27, 23 from 9-00, the supply of cold water will be stopped at the following addresses: Maxim Gorky Street, 45, Michurin Street 9, 44-A, 44/1, 44/2, 44/3, 46, 48 Also, there will be no cold water in the Michurin shopping center and at the gas station at 53 Tsvetnikov Street, kor. 2,” Revda’s UGZ said.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that on March 21, 10 houses in Revda were left without heating. The municipal institution of the city explained that this was due to an accident on heating networks.


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