In the Perm Territory, a huge failure blocked the path to the recreation center. A photo

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In the Dobryansky district of the Perm Territory, the road went underground. The failure on the way to the recreation center “Svyazist” may still increase, scientists at the University of Perm (PGNIU) say.

“With the help of special equipment, the exact dimensions of the collapse were identified. Its diameter was about seven meters and a depth of about seven meters. Experts examined the soil located next to the funnel. There is a possibility that the collapse may increase in size over the weekend,” the administration of the Dobryansk city district said in a message on the VKontakte social network.

The road to the Svyazist base is now closed with special tapes and signs. Road services will decide what to do next next week, when they receive recommendations from scientists.

What to do with the failure, the mayor’s office of Dobryanka does not yet know

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