In the New York Museum, “Russian Dancer” became “Dancer in Ukrainian Dress”

The painting by the French impressionist Edgar Degas “Russian Dancer” in the New York Metropolitan (TAT) was renamed “Dancer in Ukrainian Dress”. This is reported on the website of the museum.

The canvas had its former name back in December 2022, at the same time, in the description of the series of compositions that included the painting, it was said that it was dedicated to Russian dancers.

In addition to the name itself, the description has now been changed on the TAT portal, indicating that the Degas series is dedicated to dancing girls in Ukrainian national costumes.

A similar incident, according to TASS, occurred in April last year at the London National Gallery, also with a painting by Degas. There “Russian dancers” were renamed into “Ukrainian”.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan also recognized the Russian artist Arkhip Kuindzhi as Ukrainian. The corresponding remark about him was stopped in the caption to the painting “Red Sunset on the Dnieper” in the paragraph about the nationality of the author of the canvas. At the same time, on a saved copy of the web page dated January 6, according to TASS, it is said that Kuindzhi is Russian.

As Parlamentskaya Gazeta wrote, in December Russian President Vladimir Putin called the attempts to ban Russian culture abroad nonsense. At a meeting with members of the Human Rights Council on December 7, he noted that the West, by canceling Russian culture, is harming itself.

At the same time, the Russian leader noted that he was not sure that there was a need to counter such fancies in any way. “Because those who do this are clearly the enemies of our country. They are hurting themselves by their actions. And is it necessary to prevent this damage that they inflict on themselves, ”the president explained.

Meanwhile, as it became known on Wednesday, concerts scheduled for May by the People’s Artist of Russia, pianist Denis Matsuev, which were to be held at a theater in Brescia, were canceled in Italy. This was announced by the organizers of the 60th International Piano Festival in Brescia and Bergamo.

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