In the microdistrict of the top developer of Tyumen, an invasion of ticks began. Screen

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Residents of the Tyumen microdistrict “Aivazovsky City”, which was built by one of the top development companies in Tyumen, are discussing the invasion of ticks in the adjacent territories. The fact that the management company refuses them acaricidal treatment, people say in a local conversation in telegram.

“Who has experienced a tick bite? What should I do? The trace remained, the sensations are unpleasant, ”one of the residents of Aivazovsky asks a question.

In response to this message, other Tyumen residents report that they have already submitted applications to the management company, but so far there has been no reaction. “Last year, my application was closed with a comment that the appeal was a single one, and in general, processing was carried out according to the schedule,” explains one of the participants in the conversation.

According to the VLSI system, the Aivazovsky management company, through one of the key founders, is connected with the Enko group, which is one of the top 3 developers in the Tyumen region and built the Aivazovsky City residential complex. VLSI also notes the low profitability of the management companies – 1.2% against the background of 24% on average in the industry.

It was not possible to contact the representatives of the Criminal Code authorized to comment on the phone numbers listed on the Aivazovsky website. A written request was sent to the management of the management company, a response is expected at the time of publication. Earlier, URA.RU said that in March 2023, Enko refused to pay commission to realtors.

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