In the Leningrad region, a man severely beat a neighbor because of loud music

In the city of Murino, Leningrad Region, a local resident beat up a neighbor during a conflict because of loud music. As it became known to Life, the incident occurred on the night of April 16.

One of the residents of the apartment building was dissatisfied with the loud music and went to deal with his neighbor. During the conversation, a fight broke out – the men first beat each other in the elevator, and then moved to the entrance.

As a result, the opponent, who was listening to music loudly, was seriously injured. He was hospitalized in critical condition. The man was diagnosed with an open craniocerebral injury, a fracture of the right parietal bone, and a fracture of the zygomatic arch – presumably due to the fact that a neighbor tried to gouge out his eyes.

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