In the Kurgan region, a new school bus drove into a ditch on a snowy road. Photo

Governor Shumkov Vadim hands over the keys to school buses.  Mound

In the Safakulevsk municipal district of the Kurgan region, on a snowy road, a new school bus slid into a ditch. This was reported by local residents.

“Last year also people suffered. This year the picture is the same, but how should the ambulance get there? Just a mockery,” wrote user Rustam Matkarimov in the VKontakte social network group “Overheard by Safakulevo”. Photos were attached to the post that the user commented on. They show a school bus that has left the road that leads to the village of Muzarbaeva.

Under the post, representatives of the state agency Kurganavtodor responded. “In order to consider the issue, we sent your message to specialized specialists in whose competence your question is. We will return to you with an answer by March 9, ”the representatives of the organization responded to the complaint.

On the evening of March 6, the region introduced restrictions on highways, banning the movement of buses. This was due to deteriorating weather conditions.

This is how the road to the village of Muzarbaeva looked like on March 6


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