In the Kurgan military registration and enlistment offices are waiting for the work of reserve officers

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The military commissariats of the Kurgan region are experiencing personnel problems. First of all, they would be glad to see reserve officers with their experience in the staff of the military registration and enlistment offices, sources who have already received proposals from the military registration and enlistment offices told URA.RU.

“The military registration and enlistment office invites reserve officers who previously worked there to return to the military registration and enlistment office. Positions are various. But some officers are not ready to consider proposals. First, some were laid off about 10 years ago or more, and they still have some resentment. Secondly, now the load is many times greater, and the salary does not correspond to this load. Although some officers are not embarrassed by this, and they are ready to consider the option of returning to the service out of a sense of duty, ”the relatives of the former military say. The regional military enlistment office URA.RU confirmed that there are vacancies. They are waiting for mainly specialists with higher education, while experience in military service is desirable.

According to information on the website of the government of the Kurgan region, military commissariats require 27 employees. Data published as of November 3rd.

In addition to doctors and paramedics, military registration and enlistment offices require heads and assistants of departments. Most of the vacancies are in the regional military registration and enlistment office and the Commissariat of the city of Kurgan. Employees are also required in the Ketovsky and Shadrinsk military registration and enlistment offices. There are vacancies for drivers and watchmen. The amount of wages varies from 17.5 to 25 thousand rubles.

Earlier URA.RU reported that Kurgan announced the appointment of a new military commissar. Sergei Dyuryagin, who previously headed the military registration and enlistment office of the Ketovsky, Pritobolny and Polovinsky districts, became the head of the Kurgan commissariat.


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