In the Kurgan city, patients with fever wait in line on the street. Photo

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In Shadrinsk, Kurgan region, patients with fever and signs of acute respiratory viral infection were forced to wait in line for an appointment with a doctor on the street. The townspeople were reported on the local public page on VKontakte.

“What kind of mockery of those with fever? One office, the queue is outside. While we were standing on the street, there was already a queue of 20-25 people, and that’s just on the street,” says a message published in the “Overheard Shadrinsk” group on VKontakte. The situation occurred in the Shadrinsk city hospital (in 2022, the city hospital, clinic and children’s hospital of Shadrinsk were merged into one institution).

The Department of Health of the Kurgan Region responded to a request from URA.RU that on Monday, November 13, there was indeed a small gathering of people near the reception room for patients with ARVI. “The main reason was that many patients came without an appointment. Having noticed a crowd of people, the office staff who were conducting the reception brought an additional second employee to the reception, which made it possible to quickly receive all patients. It is planned to withdraw two teams of paramedics on Tuesday,” the department’s response says.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that a resident of Shadrinsk (Kurgan region) complained about the terrible condition of the Central Regional Hospital (CRH), where repairs had not been carried out for many years. She said that in the hospital the walls are shabby, the radiators are moldy, the elevators do not work, and the condition of the electrical wiring is alarming.

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