In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, a deputy who danced in a dinosaur costume was kicked out of the United Russia and Duma chats. Photo, video

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In Pyt-Yakh, deputy Lyudmila Zavadskaya, who danced in a dinosaur costume, was expelled from the working groups of the city duma and the local party branch of United Russia after criticizing the quality of the improvement of Yesenin Square. She wrote on her VKontakte page that the boycott was organized on the instructions of Duma Speaker Dmitry Ureki.

“Today I was removed from the working groups of the Duma and United Russia. I thought maybe it was by accident. But no – Dmitry Ureki himself gave such an assignment. After being removed, he called and said that I was the most idle deputy, and supposedly I had nothing to do in the groups. The reason for the anger was the post of acceptance of Yesenin Square,” Zavadskaya said.

Zavadskaya published a video on her page that shows numerous shortcomings of small architectural forms. The recording shows that the boards are cracked, some of them are poorly painted, and in some places they are not securely fastened. The cost of the park is 10 million rubles; the author of the project was the local capital construction department. The acceptance took place on November 13. The head of the UKS, Rowenna Kirkina, refused to comment on its results. A request for the results of the inspection has been sent to the mayor’s office, a response is expected.

In a telephone conversation, the agency’s journalist asked the Chairman of the City Duma Ureki to comment on Zavadskaya’s exclusion from work chats. The speaker declined to comment.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that Zavadskaya dressed up as a tyrannosaurus at the Yugratur forum in Khanty-Mansiysk for the sake of PR for the municipality. A deputy dressed as a lizard managed to test the SUP board and dance on the dance floor.

The deputy was removed from the working groups
The deputy was removed from the working groups
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