In the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they found the origins of the West’s refusal from “flattering odes” to Zelensky


The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky began to annoy the West, as there is no effectiveness from his actions, especially in the confrontation with Russia at the front. The Ukrainian leader demonstrates success only in words, that “today or tomorrow we will launch a counterattack.” Andrey Koshkin, head of the department of political science and sociology of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, said this in an interview with newspaper “Petersburg diary”.

“Nothing can be done with Russia, for which Ukraine was intended as anti-Russia, especially on the battlefield, nothing works. But at the same time, Zelensky began to do photo shoots, he was praised for being able to convey information so insinuatingly, begging for money and weapons for Ukraine, and now it irritates them,” the expert explained.

Ukraine as an instrument against Russia has ceased to justify itself. According to the political scientist, the only thing is that the United States managed to weaken and bring Europe to its knees with the help of the situation around the Square. “But I would like to kill two birds with one stone. Now such a bad Zelensky turned out to be to blame for everything,” summed up Koshkin.


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