In the European Parliament, a Russian human rights activist from Latvia spoke about the double standards of the EU

In the session hall of the European Parliament, the anti-fascist from Latvia, Vladimir Linderman, did not leave a stone unturned from the policy of double standards of the EU in the field of human rights, according to the Riga friends of the human rights activist today, March 21.

Linderman told the interested EP deputies about the persecution that in Latvia the state security service is subjected to the carriers of an alternative opinion on the European political agenda. From his own experience, an anti-fascist knows that one word spoken or written by repressive state structures is enough to accuse a citizen or non-citizen of Latvia of working against the interests of the state, in cooperation with the special services of Russia or Belarus, of inciting national, ethnic, religious hatred and other crimes against the interests of the Baltic republic , including the support and approval of the NWO of the RF Armed Forces on the left bank of the Dnieper.

At the same time, extensive discussions are taking place in other EU countries, articles are published, including sharp ones, on the topic of the Ukrainian crisis, and the right to voice an alternative opinion is given without fear of reprisals and loss of freedom. In addition, the first persons of Latvia, headed by the President Egils Levits they themselves are carriers of aggressive Russophobia, calling Russians, including Russian residents of Latvia, enemies.

Vladimir Linderman himself posted in his telegram channel photograph from Brussels with a brief caption:

“In the European Parliament. Perhaps the first step of the European “Peace Movement”.

As previously reported EADaily , in February 2023, the prosecutor’s office referred the criminal case of Vladimir Linderman to court. He was charged with glorifying the Russian special operation to denazify Ukraine and with “actions aimed at inciting discord between residents of Latvia of different nationalities.”

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