In the Czech Republic, they are afraid of any finale of the conflict in Ukraine and are waiting for negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv


None of the options for ending the conflict in Ukraine will mean security for the Czech Republic and NATO. This was announced today, February 23, at a press conference by the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army Karel Rzhegka.

In his opinion, Russia, “in any case, will be even more dangerous, more hostile and less predictable.” At the same time, he noted that today he does not see ways to quickly end the conflict, since there are no real conditions for solving the problem through diplomacy, and in the near future neither side will achieve victory by military means.

“Unfortunately, this conflict will continue for some time,” – said the Chief of the General Staff.

In turn, the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic, who was present at the press conference Yana Chernokhova stated that both sides should be interested in a diplomatic solution. In her opinion, negotiations should be based on the clear desire of both sides to reach an agreement.

Recall that the Czech Republic officially condemns Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Prague fully supports Kyiv, sending various assistance to the Ukrainian military. Earlier it became known that the Czech Republic over the past year supplied the Kyiv regime with weapons totaling about 417 million euros.

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