In the Czech Republic, a Slovak will be judged for aggression towards Ukrainians

A court in the Czech city of Pilsen began considering an incident in which a Slovak citizen threatened Ukrainians. This was reported on September 6 by local media.

The incident occurred back in March, when a 30-year-old Slovak citizen walking down the street heard shouts of “Glory to Ukraine!” coming from the window of an apartment building. This was shouted by three Ukrainians who had gathered, as noted in the case, to “discuss the situation in their country.” The Slovak, who was in a state of alcohol accusation, did not like the screams and slogans from the apartment so much that he shouted several threats in response.

“I am for the Russians! What are you doing here, mean Ukrainians? I will kill you all!” he shouted, and raised his hand several times in the Nazi salute.

The Ukrainians “feared” and reported the incident to the police, adding that the Slovak “shouted that he was going to tear our mouths, tear off our heads and kill us all and gave the Hitler salute.” Arriving police detained a man and now he faces up to three years in prison for threatening violence and expressing support for a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms (Nazism). It is not known how the Czech police feel about the fact that when chanting “Glory to Ukraine”, those who shout, as a rule, also raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

The detained Slovak stated that he was under the influence of alcohol and did not remember anything.

“Anyway, I’m sorry. I have nothing against these guys or their nation. I am very sorry about what happened. I didn’t want it” he said.

According to the prosecutor, the defendant’s behavior was socially harmful, as it was a serious infringement on public order, and the display of the Nazi salute is an obvious aggravating circumstance.

Recall that the citizens of Ukraine over the past years are one of the main migrants in the Czech Republic. In most cases, they are there illegally. Since the start of the Russian special military operation, more than 300,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in the Czech Republic, some of whom demand special attention and express open hatred for those who refuse to call Russia an aggressor. This is strongly supported by the Czech authorities.

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