In the center of Samara, the profitable house of Chelyshev, recognized as an architectural monument, caught fire

In Samara, a fire broke out in the profitable house of the merchant Chelyshev, one of the most famous architectural monuments and historical buildings of the city. The fire area is 1.3 thousand square meters. m. 60 people were evacuated from the building. There is no information about the victims.

How informs Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the threat of further spread of fire remains, the fire has been assigned an increased rank. 80 people and 25 pieces of equipment are involved in extinguishing.

The profitable house of the merchant Chelyshev was built in 1899. The building was given the status of an object of cultural heritage of federal significance. In the spring of 2022, a fire broke out in the house, then as a result of the emergency, five apartments were completely burned out.

Alexander Kislov


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