In the center of Kurgan, houses with residents will be demolished for new buildings

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Integrated development in the Kurgan region

In Kurgan, within the boundaries of Krasina, Klimova and Kirov streets near the embankment of the Tobol River, houses in which people live will be demolished as part of a complex development. Residents whose houses were included in the complex development will be provided with new housing. The director of Specialized Developer GC Atlant LLC, Evgeniy Sergeev, whose company acquired a land plot for new buildings, told a URA.RU correspondent about this.

“After we conclude an agreement with the administration, we will make a draft layout of the territory. Now many houses will need to be demolished, all the way to the embankment within the boundaries of Krasin, Klimov and Kirov streets. It will also be necessary to resettle the residents,” said Sergeev.

The territory for complex development cost the developer 50.5 million rubles. The Kurgan authorities could not sell the land plot with an area of ​​24,627 square meters seven times. All previous auctions failed due to lack of applications.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that the Kurgan developer will demolish more than 30 houses for new buildings near the embankment. The construction of new buildings on the territory bordering Kirova, Klimova, Tomina and Naberezhnaya streets will be carried out by BIK-Service. Land for complex development cost the company 50.2 million rubles.


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