In the Amur village of Magdagachi, de-energized due to heavy rains, a state of emergency was introduced


    In the village of Magdagachi near the Amur, a state of emergency has been declared after it was left without electricity due to heavy rains. This is stated in statement regional prosecutor’s office in the telegram channel. The department also released a video from the scene. The footage shows that powerful streams of water are moving next to the dam, turning everything around into a huge river.

    “An emergency mode has been introduced in the village of Magdagachi, Magdagachi district, a temporary accommodation center for citizens is operating on the basis of the Magdagachinskaya secondary school No. said in the message.

    The department added that now more than one and a half thousand residents do not receive utilities. It is also reported that the central water conduit was blocked due to heavy rains. 67 apartment buildings, in which more than four thousand people live, were left without water.

    At the moment, employees of the prosecutor’s office of the Magdagachinsky district check the timeliness of the liquidation of the consequences of rainstorms and meet with people whose property was damaged.

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