In Tatarstan, a case was opened after studying the video about the beating of the girl by the mother


    Investigative Committee car on the road - 1920, 12/07/2021

    KAZAN, 7 Dec – Investigators opened a criminal case on torture after studying a video on social networks in which a Kazan resident beats her young daughter, the Investigation Department of the RF IC for Tatarstan reports.
    In a video posted on social networks, a woman filming the video pushes, throws on the floor, hits a crying little girl, undressed, calling her a “guinea pig” that can be mocked.
    Earlier, the prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan announced that it had organized a check on this video. The girl was taken from her mother and is now in a medical facility. The family is registered with the police.
    “A video has been posted on social networks, on which, according to the description, a resident of the city of Kazan beats her young daughter. On this fact, the investigating authorities … opened a criminal case under the article” torture, “the message says.
    It was established that the events described took place on December 1. According to the investigation, in an apartment at a house on Pobeda Avenue in Kazan, a 31-year-old woman, while intoxicated, severely beat her daughter born in 2020, filming the massacre on camera.
    The prosecutor’s office, as noted, has initiated the transfer to the investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Tatarstan of the previously initiated criminal case against the mother of the child under the article “improper performance of duties related to the upbringing of a minor.” Investigative actions are being carried out to establish all the circumstances of the incident.

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