In Sudan, the conflict between the regular army and the Rapid Reaction Forces, military formations captured two airports

In Sudan, there were clashes between the Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF) and the country’s regular army. Against this background, the international airport in Khartoum stopped receiving flights, AP reports. Representatives of the RRF said that the RRF took control of the airport in Khartoum, as well as the airport in the city of Merov. According to them, the army “suffered heavy losses,” reports AFP.

On the night of today, April 15, the Sudanese army announced that the deployment of the RRF in Khartoum and several other cities was carried out without coordination with the armed forces. The reason for the dissatisfaction of the army, in particular, was the deployment of RRF detachments near the airport in Merov. The RRF assures that their presence in Merov does not go beyond the scope of their duties.

The RRF was formed in 2013, a military coup took place in the country in 2021. After the Transitional Sovereign Council came to power in Sudan, the RRF advocated the transfer of power to civilian structures.

In early April, the signing of a political agreement between the Transitional Sovereign Council of Sudan and representatives of opposition organizations, which provides for the creation of a transitional civil authority in the country, was once again postponed. The reason was the need to agree on the timing of the integration of the RRF into the armed forces of Sudan.

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