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In St. Petersburg for a week it will get colder to +14 degrees


A cyclone from the south will bring a cold snap to +14 degrees and rains to St. Petersburg for a week, the chief forecaster of the Northern capital said on June 14 Alexander Kolesov.

According to him, now the cyclone is beginning to form over the north of Belarus and will continue to move towards St. Petersburg.

“Today in the afternoon the rain will already approach the city, and in the next couple of days the weather will still deteriorate. The air temperature from today’s +20 degrees will drop in rains to +14 … +16 degrees, in between rains it can be a little warmer, ” — said the expert.

In addition to a cold snap, showers and thunderstorms are expected in some areas of the city on the Neva. Northerly winds will also increase.

“On Thursday, with the departure of the cyclone from St. Petersburg, the precipitation will end, but a fresh westerly wind will continue, so it will not be warmer right away,” – summed up Alexander Kolesov.


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