In Sredneuralsk, a man set fire to a gas station while checking the gasoline level with a lighter. Video

Ministry of Emergency Situations exercises in the Philharmonic building.  Kurgan, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Emergency Situations, firefighters

In Sredneuralsk (Sverdlovsk region), a man decided to check the level of gasoline in the tank using a lighter, but ended up setting the gas station on fire. Information about this appeared on social networks.

“Deciding to check how much fuel was in the tank with a lighter, he almost burned his car and passengers. After the fire, the car owner successfully evacuated the passengers, and then, together with the tanker, rushed to put out the fire,” writes the telegram channel “Zloy_ekb 18+ | Evil Yekaterinburg.”

The fire was extinguished before firefighters arrived. The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the Sverdlovsk Region confirmed the fact of the incident.


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