In Spain, the Czech Republic and Cyprus stopped accepting UnionPay cards of Russian banks

Russians complain that in some European countries they stopped accepting Chinese UnionPay cards issued by Russian banks. Tourists in Spain, the Czech Republic and Cyprus faced problems. Also, UnionPay cards may stop working in Bulgaria.

In the Czech Republic, KB Bank ATMs do not accept UnionPay cards, reported “Izvestia” in the call center of a credit institution. They clarified that this applies to cards of any banks. Another Czech bank, Ceska Sporitelna, is currently accepting Russian UnionPay cards.

In Spain, UnionPay cards cannot be used at Euronet, Kutxabank and ING ATMs. Euronet confirmed to Izvestia that cards issued by some issuing banks have been blocked and will not be accepted due to sanctions. There have been isolated cases of refusal to accept cards in the Spanish ATM Sabadell, but the bank said that they are still working with the Chinese payment system.

Users also complain about failures when accepting UnionPay cards at JCC network ATMs in Cyprus. The call center of the credit organization said that they accept cards, but they introduced restrictions on cash withdrawals: the limit is €1.4 thousand per day, several hours must pass between transactions.

In addition, it became known about the plans of the Bulgarian DSK Bank from October 26 to stop working with UnionPay. The bank’s support center told Izvestia that while negotiations with UnionPay are ongoing, no final decision has been made.

Since October 3, ATMs in Finland have stopped servicing UnionPay cards. Since September 30, the Finnish authorities have restricted the entry of Russian tourists into the country. In September, the European Commission abolished simplified visa procedures for Russians.

About where the Russians are welcome and not welcome, read the material “Kommersant” “There is no extradition from the Rhine.”

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