In Solovyov’s show, the Yeltsin Center was called an anti-Russian colony. Video

    City life during a non-working week announced by the President of the Russian Federation to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin Center, stylobate

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    Professor at Moscow State University Lomonosov, Sergey Chernyakhovsky, on the air of the UralLIVE show (part of the media network of TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov), called the Yeltsin Center an anti-Russian colony. The work of the EC in its current form poses a threat to the state, the scientist added.

    “A colony is not only a dependent state. It is also a kind of settlement. In this respect, the Yeltsin Center is an anti-Russian colony. <...> Of course, the existence of the Yeltsin Center in this form is a direct anti-state principle. In fact, such a center could exist – as a center for studying the activities [первого президента РФ Бориса] Yeltsin, Alexander II, Stalin, but such centers should not be propaganda platforms, but centers of objective study,” Chernyakhovsky said.

    “Undoubtedly, [Ельцин Центр] this is a certain platform and springboard for the struggle against the national sovereignty of the country,” he added.

    This is not the first such statement in recent times. Since March 2022, the EC has been under the most severe criticism of the Russian public. Among the haters of the museum are politicians, artists, show business stars, religious figures. Earlier, URA.RU gave a detailed chronicle of the scandal.

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