In Shebekino, “hellish movement”, “as if there is an oncoming battle” – a local resident

A subscriber of the MIG Russia telegram channel reports today, May 29, about the most powerful shelling of the city of Shebekino in the Belgorod Region since the start of a special military operation – “it feels like there is a head-on battle.”

“Every minute there is a new arrival along Shebekino. The city is under massive shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They hit the substation and the industrial zone. The locals say that this is the heaviest shelling,” – writes TK Shot, specifying that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are most likely hit from the Grad MLRS.

There is a massive fire in the area. A siren howls in the city, a column of black smoke in the sky.

“We have some kind of hellish movement here, even by local standards, dozens of arrivals from artillery, and it seems that it’s like an oncoming battle, in addition to the city, departures and arrivals are approximately in the same place, in the border crossing area,” – a local resident told the MIG of Russia TV channel.

In Shebekino, the most powerful shelling since the beginning of the NWO, adds TC. You can even say this – the most powerful shelling of the “old territories of Russia” in the entire history of the “new Russia” since 1991.

According to TK Mash, Ukrainian artillerymen are targeting infrastructure facilities and territories of local enterprises. There are interruptions in communication.

As reported EADailytoday previously governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov on the air of “Russia 24” said: “We live in conditions of virtual war. Like someone – do not like it, but she goes. The enemy is coming, we had five DRGs before the last events in Grayvoron.”

On May 22, Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups broke into the territory of the Belgorod region, the liquidation of which was completed only a day later. Due to the breakthrough of the DRG, a counter-terrorist operation regime was introduced in the region.

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