In Ryazan, a woman’s leg was cut off after she was hit by a bus


    In Ryazan, a bus ran over a passenger who was getting into the transport, as a result she was under the wheel and received an open fracture of the bones of her left leg. This is reported with reference to a source in emergency services.

    The incident took place at the Pivzavod bus stop on Mikhailovsky Highway. A 51-year-old victim with traumatic shock was taken to the city emergency hospital. There, she underwent surgery, during which her left leg was amputated at the level of the middle third of the thigh. In addition, the woman has multiple lacerations on her right leg.

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    “Now the condition is extremely serious, he is on a ventilator, hemotransfusion is being carried out,” told the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Ryazan region.

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