In Russia, they proposed to simplify the work of migrants in the most important industry

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The transport committee of the business association “Business Russia” asked the government to cancel the regional license for foreign drivers of heavy trucks. This was reported by a source in a logistics company and confirmed by an interlocutor close to the committee. This will help attract new talent to the industry.

“The acute shortage of drivers leads to truck downtime and carriers’ financial losses. Now, if a foreigner wants to work as a driver in Russia, he must obtain a patent for work. But such a document is valid only within one subject of the Federation – the one where it was received, ”explains one of the interlocutors in the transport company to the Vedomosti newspaper.

In particular, now truck drivers can deliver goods only between cities within the same region. It is assumed that after the abolition of the patent for foreign drivers there will be more opportunities, and it will be easier to attract migrants to work.

Earlier it became known that foreigners may begin to be expelled from Russia for traffic violations committed while drunk. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared a bill that will define new mechanisms for controlling migrants. The concepts of expulsion from Russia and deportation will be combined into “expulsion from the Russian Federation”.


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