In Russia, they proposed to abandon paper payments for housing and communal services

Izvestia: REO proposed to notice paper payments for housing and communal services electronic

From paper payment receipts for housing and communal services (HCS) to their electronic counterparts, the Russian Environmental Operator (REO) proposes to gradually move. On March 6, the newspaper “News” with reference to the letter of the head of the REO Denis Butsaev in the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.

Receipt for housing and communal services

Receipt for housing and communal services

Ivan Shilov © IA REGNUM

It is clarified that for a number of categories of residents of apartment buildings, such as pensioners, paper receipts must be kept.

It is also indicated that, assuming that there are over 50 million households receiving paper payments in Russia, 50 tons of paper, which then ends up in the trash. At the same time, the cost of paper for such purposes is growing, which contributes to an increase in its production, which releases toxins – formaldehyde and chlorine dioxide.

In addition, it is noted that paper is a popular raw material for recycling, which in Russia is at the level of world standards, since in our country about 90 plants are engaged in the processing of waste paper, utilizing about 4 million tons of paper waste. At the same time, it is necessary that the inhabitants of the country hand over waste paper for recycling.

As conveyed IA REGNUMearlier on March 2, the heads of the US railroad unions informed the authorities about the poor health of some workers who participated in the aftermath of a man-made accident in Ohio.


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