In Russia, the first British UAV Malloy Aeronautics T150, which arrived from Ukraine, was shot down

British drone Malloy Aeronautics T150 was shot down in the Kursk region. This UAV first flew into the border region of Russia, reports today, May 31, the Shot telegram channel.

As the TC notes, earlier the Armed Forces of Ukraine used this UAV only on the front line. Officially, the British sent Malloy Aeronautics to Kyiv to deliver supplies, but the Ukrainian military used it for attacks.

According to Shot, one mine was suspended on Malloy Aeronautics, and an additional repeater was installed on the hull to control in case the main communication channel was lost. He was shot down by our border guards.

Such a drone can fly up to 70 kilometers, carrying three 82 mm caliber mines. Previously, the UAV was tested in the British Marine Corps.

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