In Russia, no cases of a new type of genipavirus were detected


Cases of infection with a new species of Lanier henipavirus (LayV) have not been identified in Russia. The risk of importation of infection is low, the possibility of spread in the country is practically absent, the Rospotrebnadzor reported.

“No cases of LayV infection have been detected in Russia. The risk of importation of the infection is regarded as low: the possibility of transmission between people has not been proven and is unlikely. TASS in the department’s press office. Rospotrebnadzor clarified that sanitary protection measures in Russia make it possible to avoid the risk of importing new infectious diseases into the country.

Earlier, scientists in an article by the Chinese portal The Paper noted that the results of previous studies allow for the transmission of Lanier from person to person. No deaths from the virus or severe illness have yet been recorded.

The day before, it was reported that a new type of henipavirus was detected in China, where 35 cases were found. Symptoms of the disease include fever, weakness and cough. There is no vaccine for genipavirus. The only treatment option is supportive care to prevent complications. Two types of henipavirus have been identified that infect humans, the Nipah virus and the Hendra virus. Bats are considered their carrier. In 2021, a test was created in Russia to detect the Nipah virus.

Lusine Balasyan


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