In Russia, discovered a new strain of coronavirus “deltacron”


A new hybrid of COVID-19 strains “omicron” and “delta” was discovered in Russia, said RBC American scientist Dmitry Pruss. According to him, the “Russian deltacrone” was discovered during the latest downloads of genomic data from St. Petersburg. This hybrid has not yet been identified in any country except Russia.

The hybrid virus was first discovered in July, but then the results were treated with distrust, the scientist said. However, by the end of July, he said, researchers at the Smordintsev Institute for Influenza had found more new genomes for the strain.

According to Dmitry Pruss, the prevalence of this strain in St. Petersburg is still low. “Whether the recently discovered ‘Russian Deltacron’ is dangerous remains to be determined. It is unknown if it can outcompete other strains. It is also unknown whether it can cause severe covid,” the scientist said.

Previously, scientists in Cyprus reported about the Delkatron hybrid. However, it was detected in only 25 people, so it was considered a laboratory error.

Last week, the herd immunity of Russians to coronavirus dropped to 8.6%, and infection rates were exceeded in 12 regions of Russia. According to the forecast of Anatoly Altshtein, chief researcher at the Gamaleya National Research Center, the next increase in the incidence of COVID-19 will begin in September. However, Rospotrebnadzor does not yet consider it necessary to return coronavirus restrictions.

Anastasia Larina


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