In Russia, attacks on satellites are observed in order to jam or replace the signal

In Russia, a software and hardware complex is being created to determine interference with satellite signals

Russia observes constant attempts from the adjacent territory to jam or replace the satellite signal. This was announced on March 14 by the Director General of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Space Communications” Alexey Volin at the digital transformation forum as part of the Russian Business Week 2023.

He said that now in Russia a software and hardware complex is being created that can determine the presence of targeted malicious interference aimed at a satellite.

“Unfortunately, this has recently become of particular relevance, since there are constant attacks on the Russian satellite constellation from the adjacent territory”Volin said.

According to him, there are attempts to replace the signal, or drown it out.

He added that previously open targeted interference was not aimed at civilian satellites, but now this topic has become relevant. Therefore, a special software and hardware complex was required, the creation of which can be completed before the end of 2023.

Volin also emphasized that the most important thing is to determine whether the interference is purposeful or accidental, since the degree and speed of response will depend on this.

As reported IA REGNUMMarch 1 State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Crimea Mikhail Sheremet stated that it is time to recognize the US satellite constellation transmitting information to Ukrainian troops as a legitimate target of Russia.


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