In Russia, a historical maximum was recorded in the average time for the sale of an apartment

Federal News Agency |  Stepan Yatsko
Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko

The average duration of the sale of an apartment in Russia has reached a historical maximum: now it takes about 7.5 months to sell real estate, data for RIA News analysts of the investment company “Flip”.

The experts explained that during the year the sale period was extended by two months, which was a record. At the same time, experts specified that we are talking about the indicator at the beginning of March.

According to analysts, traditionally it takes more time for the sale of secondary housing than for new buildings. On average, the difference reaches 30 days and is directly related to the number of rooms and footage.

One-room apartments are the fastest to buy – they take no more than seven months from the moment they are put up for sale until the deal is concluded. Most of the time is required for the implementation of lots with more than three rooms – in this case, the period approaches a year.


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