In Russia, a fine will be introduced for abandoned pets


The Code of Administrative Offenses will be supplemented with six new offenses. All of them will be associated with cruelty to animals and involve liability in the form of serious fines. Vladimir Burmatov, head of the State Duma committee on ecology and environmental protection, announced this to Parliamentary Newspaper.

“Separate responsibility will be provided for throwing animals out into the street, cruel treatment of them in nurseries, shelters, circuses and zoos,” the parliamentarian explained. “In addition, it is planned to fine officials who did not provide conditions for the proper treatment of animals in their jurisdictions.”

Fans of the exotic, who keep animals from the “forbidden” list of the Ministry of Nature – bears, cougars, some species of primates and snakes, will also begin to follow more strictly. Previously, such potentially dangerous pets were simply confiscated, but now their owners will also be fined up to 200 thousand rubles.

The bill has already received approval in the first reading. According to Vladimir Burmatov, it should finally come into force this autumn.

Read the full article on the Parlamentskaya Gazeta website later.

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