In Primorye, they doubted that the tirg who attacked the girl wanted to kill her

The tiger that attacked the girl near the village of Rakovka in Primorye himself left after the attack, because he did not have a goal to kill her. This opinion was expressed at the Amur Tiger Center. They added that they are still clarifying the causes of the incident and the condition of the predator.

“The girl didn’t fight him off. The beast himself left her because he didn’t have a goal to kill her. Now they will establish all the circumstances, including what happened to the tiger and why it happened, then they will decide on further actions,” — said in the Center in an interview “Gazeta.Ru”.

Four different reasons for the attack of the beast were published in the media. Telegram channel Amur Mash wrote that the victim changed her testimony several times: at first she said that she was picking a fern, then that she went to the toilet and eventually told the version about the missing dog. A Telegram channel 112 reported that the police are considering the version that the group in the car specifically tracked the predator, having learned that he stores his prey in this area. As an argument, they point out that the husband of the victim is a hunter who could be seduced by a trophy made from a tiger skin.

The last statement on social networks was protested by the sister of the victim, pointing out that the tiger attacked from behind. And in conversation with “Gazeta.Ru” she talked about her sister’s strong guardian angel.


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