In Prikamye, due to hogweed, they intend to introduce an emergency mode


In the Perm Territory, they intend to introduce a state of emergency because of the hogweed. Governor Dmitry Makhonin in his telegram channel he said that he had instructed to work out the introduction of an emergency regime in places of mass distribution of Sosnovsky’s hogweed.

Makhonin explained his decision by the fact that the work to destroy the weed should be carried out systematically and massively, and not pointwise. First of all, the territories of Perm, as well as the Perm, Dobryansky, Krasnokamsky and Nytvensky districts will fall under the special regime.

Now about 59 thousand hectares of land are littered with cow parsnip in the Kama region. The state of emergency being introduced will make it possible to start destroying it in all areas, including private ones. In the near future, we will begin sending notifications to owners about the need to clean the cow parsnip. We are discussing the free provision of special equipment for these works‘, the governor said.

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