In Prague, a coffin with “Putin” was placed near the Russian embassy

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Activists placed a coffin with a doll of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin near the Russian embassy in Prague, “congratulating” him on his birthday in this way.

According to Ukrinform, the corresponding video is posted on the YouTube channel Activatica.

During the action near the embassy of the aggressor state, a doll depicting Putin, put in a coffin, placing it at the entrance to the building. Also, one of the activists held a poster with the inscription “Long years in prison.”

As Ukrinform reported, Russian President Vladimir Putinwhich unleashed the largest conflict in Europe since the Second World War and now threatens the whole world with nuclear weapons, on Friday, October 7, turned 70 years old.

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Ukrainians in social networks sent the most sincere “congratulations” and prepared the best gift – “a ticket to a kobzon concert”.

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