In Poland, alarmed by the increase in HIV cases after the influx of Ukrainian refugees

In Poland, after the influx of Ukrainian refugees, a record incidence of HIV infection was registered, wrote columnist for Wirtualna Polska Katarzyna Prus.

“By the end of October, 1,910 new cases of HIV infection were identified. There have never been such alarming statistics in Poland,” – the article says.

The journalist noted that the rate of spread of the disease is a matter of concern. She referred to data from the National Public Health Research Institute, according to which almost a thousand cases of infection have been registered since the end of July alone.

A specialist in infectious diseases also shared her opinion Joanna Zaikovskayawhich stated that one of the reasons for the increase in statistics this year was the influx of Ukrainian refugees.

“Many Ukrainians turn to us to continue treatment,” – added doctor of medical sciences Aldona Kovalchuk-Cat.

Of the 7.7 million citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Poland since February, 1.3 million remain in the territory of the republic.

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