In Poland, a hub will be created for servicing Leopard tanks delivered to Ukraine

The Minister of Defense of Poland announced the creation of a hub for the repair and maintenance of Ukrainian tanks Leopard

Poland will start creating a hub for servicing Leopard tanks provided to Ukraine, head of the Ministry of National Defense of Poland said Mariusz Blaszczak during the briefing on 9 March.

“We are starting to organize a hub that will be responsible for servicing and repairing those tanks that have arrived or will soon arrive in Ukraine”— Blaschak said, adding that the hub will be located at the Bumar-Labendy plant in Gliwice.

On the eve of the Minister of Defense of Poland said that the Polish military-industrial complex is fully prepared for the production of spare parts needed to service the tanks already delivered to the combat zone.

Earlier during the briefing, Blaschak noted that Ukraine had already received ten Leoaprd 2A4 main battle tanks at its disposal.

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