In Perm, they sell a one-room apartment for 23 million rubles. A photo

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    In the Industrial district of Perm, a one-room apartment is for sale. For 32 square meters, the owner asks for 23 million rubles. The announcement of the sale is posted on the Cian website.

    “Excellent apartment for sale in the Industrial area. Under renovation! There are double-glazed windows, glazed balcony. The apartment is warm, angular, ”the ad says. According to the owner, the apartment had only one owner.

    The apartment is located on the third floor and its windows overlook the courtyard. The resale with cosmetic repairs is planned to be sold for 23 million rubles.

    Earlier, URA.RU wrote that Perm residents would save up for apartments longer. A Perm family with one child will be able to save up for a standard two-room apartment on the secondary market in 8.2 years.

    The area of ​​the apartment is 32 square meters

    The apartment for 23 million rubles has been redecorated

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