In Perm, the child left the rehabilitation center and disappeared. Screen

Field exercises of representatives of volunteer search and rescue teams.  Surgut, forest, camouflage, lost, in the forest, search for the missing

In Perm, a collection has been announced in search of 8-year-old Viktor Zhukov. The orientation is posted on the official telegram channel of the search squad named after Irina Bukhanova.

“A collection has been announced for the search. Victor Zhukov, 8 years old, left the rehabilitation center, on the street. Counter, 27 and still has not returned, ”the search team said in a statement.

Volunteers urge everyone to join the search for the child. Also, Permians walking near the place where the boy disappeared are asked to carefully look around and report to the police if they meet a child who looks like a boy from an orientation.

Screenshot of the orientation from the search party
Screenshot of the orientation from the search party


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