In Perm, pathologists were convicted of creating advantages for a businessman

In Perm, the pathoanatomical bureau was convicted of violating the Law on Protection of Competition. According to the Perm OFAS, the organization was issued a warning for creating preferential conditions for the activity of an entrepreneur renting office premises for the provision of paid services for pre-burial preparations.

It turned out that an agreement was concluded between the bureau and the businessman. The entrepreneur rented premises in the building of the pathological bureau for the provision of paid funeral services. The rental area exceeded in reality the one specified in the contract. The state institution ignored the procedure for making entries in the register of receipt and issuance of the bodies of the dead, acts on the transfer of bodies to the entrepreneur were not drawn up.

According to the head of the Perm OFAS Russia Alexandra Plaksina, order of conduct pathoanatomical autopsies were violated. A situation has arisen…

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