“In order to exclude rumors”: Prigozhin answered the most common questions about Wagner PMC

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

The founder of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, published an article with answers to the main questions that the society had in connection with the situation in Bakhmut. The material was published by the press service of the entrepreneur in Telegram.

According to the founder of the “orchestra”, the article was written in order to “eliminate rumors”. During the material, Prigozhin answered 41 important questions, revealing seven main topics.

He told how the Wagner PMC got to Bakhmut and what goals it pursued. According to Prigozhin, the “musicians” got involved in the work due to the fact that the RF Armed Forces could not advance the front in a westerly direction.

Initially, on March 19 last year, the fighters entered the territory of Pervomaisky. They successfully broke through the fortified defense area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine and by May 9 took the strategically important settlement of Popasnaya. Further, when the army of the Russian Defense Ministry fled from a number of regions, units of the Wagner PMC held back the onslaught of the enemy on a 148 km long front.

In early October, Operation Bakhmut Meat Grinder began. It was carried out in order for the Kiev regime to send as many forces as possible to Bakhmut, trying to keep the settlement.

“The duration of the operation, together with Army General S. Surovikin, was a period of six months (conditionally until April 8, 2023),” Prigozhin noted.

In addition, the entrepreneur revealed the cause of the “shell hunger”. In his opinion, the Ministry of Defense decided to oppose the “musicians” in order to compensate for their own failures on the fronts, setting several restrictions. Among them – a ban on the recruitment of volunteers among prisoners, the cessation of the supply of weapons and cuts in the supply of ammunition.

“The Wagner PMC has the opportunity to acquire shells in other ways, not from the stocks of the Russian army. However, PMC Wagner, together with foreign partners, was refused to facilitate its own supplies and production of ammunition, ”the article notes.

As a result, after almost 400 days of hostilities, the “musicians” are forced to leave Bakhmut. At the same time, the operation “Bakhmut meat grinder” should be recognized as completed. The task of the fighters of the PMC “Wagner” was to grind the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and give a break to the Russian army. The latter as a result received time to restore combat capability.

“The Bakhmut meat grinder has fully fulfilled its task,” Prigozhin noted.

After leaving Bakhmut, Wagner PMC will be in training camps. The soldiers need to restore combat readiness and prepare a number of units additionally.

“PMC” Wagner “will be there until the disappearance of the threat to Russia and Russian citizens as part of this military operation,” the entrepreneur added.

However, if the threat reappears, then the fighters will just as selflessly fight for the Motherland.

In addition, Prigozhin told how the ammunition rate is calculated and how the shortage of shells affects sanitary losses. The full article can be read at link.


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