In Novosibirsk, three teenagers were detained for setting fire to relay cabinets

In Novosibirsk, saboteurs were detained, who set fire to relay cabinets in April. They turned out to be three teenagers, reports SHOT.

According to the Telegram channel, on the 23rd of last month, three 17-year-old friends, armed with a nail puller, a canister of flammable liquid and a wrench, opened and set fire to the relay cabinets on the Seyatel-Berdsk station in the Sovetsky district, after which they disappeared. After almost a month they were calculated. One of the detained teenagers admitted that he was offered such a “part-time job” in social networks. The guy called his friends and promised them to share the fee of 10 thousand rubles for everyone. Friends filmed the sabotage on video and sent it to customers, after which they received money.

A criminal case has been initiated under the article “Deliberate destruction or damage to property.”

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