In Nizhnevartovsk, the chairman of the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers died

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In Nizhnevartovsk (KhMAO), Lyudmila Ivanova, chairman of the local public organization Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, died. The obituary was published on the website of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

“We express our deepest condolences to the family and friends on the death of Lyudmila Semyonovna Ivanova, an active public figure, chairman of the public organization Nizhnevartovsk Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers. For many years, she has devoted herself to protecting the rights of servicemen called up for military service from Nizhnevartovsk, supporting their families and mothers, whose sons have given and are giving back to the Motherland, ”the ombudsman’s office reports.

Commissioner for Human Rights in Yugra Natalya Strebkova told the journalist about her joint work with Semyonova. “Despite the greatly deteriorating state of health in recent years, the chairman of the committee did not cease to be interested in the problems of military personnel. She was very worried about the military personnel called up during the mobilization, and was able to unite caring people around her, ”added the Ombudsman.

According to a source in the political establishment of the city, Semenova died on the night of March 12. “There are no other details yet, the family will decide on the date of farewell later,” the insider specified.


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