In Moscow, they are looking for a former prisoner who molested a minor in a shopping center

In Moscow, the police are looking for a former prisoner who tried to rape an underage girl in a shopping center. As writes SHOTan unknown person met two 16-year-old girls who work at the counter for issuing SIM cards in the Tramplin shopping center on Yartsevskaya street.

Despite the fact that he did not have a passport, the girls gave him a SIM card, and he, as a token of gratitude, invited them to the food court to drink lemonade. There, the pervert said that he had served 16 years for banditry, and on the way back he began to molest one of the minors and tried to drag her into the toilet.

Miraculously, the girl was able to escape, but the man warned that “he would get her anyway,” after which he continued harassing at the counter. This was noticed by the guards, who expelled the inadequate. Now the police are looking for him.

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