In Moscow, a pensioner gave the fraudster 1.2 million rubles for removing damage

In Moscow, a pensioner was deceived in the amount of more than a million rubles. She trusted the first person she met, who promised to remove the damage from her. This is reported by the telegram channel SHOT.

While walking near a house in the Golyanovo district, a 76-year-old resident of the capital met a woman who looked like a gypsy. She introduced herself as a clairvoyant and said that the Muscovite had been damaged. The stranger asked to speak exclusively the truth and asked if the pensioner had cash at home. The frightened old woman replied that there were 1.2 million rubles.

Having received such an answer, the “psychic” began a ceremony to remove the damage. So, at first the pensioner had to take out two raw eggs, three pinches of salt and a towel. The gypsy broke the eggs, and three little snakes crawled out. Then she wrapped this “explosive mixture” in a towel. After that, the Muscovite was taken out of the house with adhesive tape, a candle and money. The scammer wrapped the cash in newspaper, wrapped it in duct tape and attached this lump to the old woman. She also ordered the pensioner not to say anything to anyone for three days and three nights and not to reveal the amulet.

Returning home, the Muscovite nevertheless cut off the adhesive tape with a newspaper and saw that there was no money inside, and after all, 1.2 million rubles is about 70 average pensions in Moscow. Realizing that she was deceived, the woman contacted the police. Now the police are looking for the scammer.

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