In Moscow, a mother of many children accused her husband of beatings because of her desire to take away her son

A resident of Moscow, Maria Gakh, accused her husband of beatings and persecution, as well as trying to take away her son. They have not lived with their spouse for a year and a half, but they have not yet formally divorced. According to Maria, the police are inactive, and the man continues to break into her house, bringing her and the children to hysteria.

“The reason for my departure was that he beat me, and he did it in front of the children. His son is very afraid. He told me:” If he comes, mom, stand by me “ – the woman told the publication

There are three children in the family, the problems began, according to Gakh, when her husband lost his job. He began to take out his anger on his beloved, who by that time had made a successful career as a vocal teacher. The couple began to live separately, however, even after the divorce, he did not leave the former alone. The woman posted a video on the social network in which the father of the family removes the curtains in her daughter’s room to allegedly monitor them from a neighboring house. In the footage, children roar heart-rendingly, while adults sort things out.

The woman claims that she tried to change the locks in the apartment, but this does not help, and the man breaks into the apartment under the pretext of dating the children. The police came to the calls, but to no avail. The woman also published one of the visits of law enforcement officers on the social network. On the footage, the daughter screams that she is afraid of her own father, who is beating her mother. The woman herself shows bruises on her arm to the camera.

“I’ve been living in this for a year and a half, and my children! I ask one thing, to be saved. Save yourself. Sleep peacefully, when suddenly no one comes and lies in your bed suddenly, unexpectedly,” — wrote the victim under the video.

Gakh said that she is trying to win back her son, whom the father wants to leave to live with him. In court, the man insists that he is the victim. The woman allegedly spreads her hands herself and beats the children, and her friends call him and threaten him. Now the lawsuits on the issue of custody and division of property are ongoing, and Maria is afraid for her safety.


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