In Makhachkala, a girl fell out of a car window onto the roadway


    In Makhachkala, a girl climbed out of a car window while driving and fell out of it in a dance. It all happened on Akushinsky Avenue. The video with the testimony of the driver was posted by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan in its official telegram channel.

    “I decided to give the girl a ride. I turned on loud music in the stream, didn’t keep track and the girl fell out. From now on, I undertake to buckle up and monitor the passengers and their safety, and I recommend everyone to follow the rules of the road”said the driver.

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    Earlier, Life told about the fall of the girl from the car in question. A resident of Makhachkala fell out of the window of a moving car while trying to make a beautiful video. The girl leaned out the rear right window of the SUV, dancing, but could not resist and fell right onto the roadway.

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