In Kurgan, a car hit a boy on a scooter at high speed. Video

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    In the Zaozerny microdistrict in Kurgan, an accident involving a child occurred. At the intersection of Marshal Golikov Avenue and Maltsev Street, a car, moving at high speed, knocked down a boy on a scooter. The video was posted by eyewitnesses in the group “ChP Kurgan” of the social network “VKontakte”.

    “It looks like 9-10 years old, the resuscitation arrived, managed, was alive, I worry myself, there was a lot of blood. Thank you very much to the pregnant girl, she was a doctor, as I understand it, she was nearby and helped him until there was an ambulance, ”Vera Moskvina, a witness to the accident, comments on the social network. “When we came running, we were told that they were taken away in a very serious condition. That’s all I know, ”shares another user Alena Moskvina.

    Public commentators were divided in opinion. Part suggested that the driver was driving at a traffic light, and the boy decided to “slip” on a scooter along a zebra. Users commented that “children at this age should be with their parents and not ride scooters at red lights”, some accused the driver as a person operating a high-risk vehicle, discussing that “he could slow down when approaching the intersection.” Kurgan residents also report that this intersection is problematic in the city. According to unconfirmed information, it is known that the child is in a coma. URA.RU sent a request to the health department of the Kurgan region.

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