In Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, a teenager cut his friend with a knife

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In Bely Yar, Surgut region, a teenager cut his peer with a knife. This was reported to URA.RU by a source in the power structures of the region.

“Teens know each other. It is preliminary known that there was no long-term conflict between them, on the contrary, they were friends. The incident is already being investigated by the investigative committee and the police, ”said the insider.

The agency turned to the Investigative Committee for Yugra for a comment. Information was promised to be given later. The Ministry of Internal Affairs for KhMAO promptly failed to get a comment either.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that in Nizhnevartovsk, a schoolboy cut a classmate with a knife. Both teenagers were injured during the incident.


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