In Germany, a search was held at a close friend of a suspect in the Nord Stream bombing

German investigators have searched the apartment of a woman who was in a relationship with a suspect in the Nord Stream bombing, sources say. Suddeutsche Zeitung. The woman is cooperating with the investigation and is involved in the case of gas pipeline explosions as a witness.

The witness said that she and a possible suspect, a 26-year-old Ukrainian soldier, have a child together. They took DNA from him. If it matches the DNA that was found on the Andromeda yacht, then the investigation will have a specific suspect, the newspaper writes. It is assumed that the Andromeda was used to transport explosives.

Explosions at Nord Stream occurred in September 2022. All parties agree that there has been sabotage on the gas pipelines. According to the German media, investigators received data indicating Ukraine’s involvement in the explosion. The Russian Federation believes that the sabotage was coordinated by US intelligence agencies.

Russia, within the framework of the UN Security Council, called for a joint investigation into the explosions at Nord Stream, but its resolution was not adopted. The document was prepared after the material of the American journalist Seymour Hersh, who, citing a source, claimed that the United States was involved in the explosions in September 2022. Western media wrote that a pro-Ukrainian group could be involved in the explosions.

Leonid Uvarchev


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